What are the differences between
Mobile Homes (Manufactured) & Modular Homes (Pre-Fabricated)

The main differences between Modular and Manufactured aka mobile homes are construction standards, materials and foundations.

Modular homes are built with a wood floor system and are designed to go on a concrete foundation, either a full basement or crawlspace.

Manufactured aka Mobile homes are built on a steel frame and are typically set on concrete blocking or cement or metal pylons.

Modular homes are built to Canadian Standards Association A-277 (Canadian National Building Code). IN addition they are built to meet BC Building Code. These Standard Specifications include engineered floor trusses, 2 x 6 exterior walls, 8′ & 9′ ceilings and primed and painted drywall.

Manufactured aka Mobile homes are manufactured to Canadian Standards Association Z-240. Standard Specifications include 2 x 8 floor joists on a steel frame, 2 x 6 exterior walls, 7 ½’ side walls, vaulted ceilings, and gypsum drywall covered interior walls.

About EnKind Homes' Karoleena Modular Homes

Are Karoleena homes the same as RTMs (ready to move homes), mobile or manufactured homes?

No. Karoleena builds to CSA A277 (Modular Homes) and in most cases exceeds the provincial building code. Karoleena homes has the ability to transport to your location by truck, barge or helicopter. The method by which your Karoleena home is built and delivered is incredibly strong, with a superior building envelope that is energy-efficient, durability and weather resistance, and architecturally distinct from the ground up.

Do all manufactured homes look alike?

No, and unless you were there to see a Karoleena home delivered and assembled, it is virtually indistinguishable from those built by conventional construction methods. All of Karoleena homes are uniquely designed by our team of designers and engineers.

Are Karoleena homes built to code and Inspected?


Absolutely. Karoleena homes are designed and constructed to meet or exceed local building codes for every region they are built for. Representatives of the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) also inspect your home during construction in our manufacturing facility, with local building inspectors follow up on site. All Karoleena home plans are architecturally designed and engineered structurally, mechanically and electrically, with registered professional stamps of approval in addition to the necessary municipal, town or city approvals where the home is being installed.