Interested in building
an EnKind Home?
Here is what you need to know.

Built with care and attention to detail, from start to finish, EnKind Homes can build you any of the following:

  • Laneway Homes

  • Coach Homes

  • Recreational Property Homes

  • Full sized Modular or Traditional Homes

  • Multi Family Homes

.....but we can only do this efficiently when you have an idea of your overall budget. 

What is your budget?

Are you 'Permitted' or, in 'the Zone?'

Ensure that you have made the right calls to your local municipality to see if you will be granted a build permit!
This step is extremely important particularly if you are planning to build a laneway home.
Depending on your area, call to see if you are in 'the zone!'

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Have you secured financing?

At EnKind Homes, we have contacts in the mortgage industry who are knowledgeable in securing financing for Modular Homes as well as a variety of homes that may not fall under the traditional 'mortgage' scope. We are happy to point you in the right direction!


Have you thought about the style of house that you want?

Working from our current models makes the design process fun and easy.  We can have any model designed to fit your site and lifestyle.  This requires a Project Deposit that is credited back on your final invoice. If you wish to develop a custom EnKind Homes design, an hourly rate for design work is agreed upon to be deducted from the deposit.

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